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NEI unveils climate-focused infrastructure fund

Alan Kwan, Vice President and Head of Product Development at NEI Investments, commented, “Nearly half of all ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment funds launched in Canada in 2021 have strategies focused on climate issues. NEI Clean Infrastructure The fund is a unique addition to that list, focused on helping investors take advantage of trillions of dollars in global commitments to building greener, more resilient infrastructure.

The fund’s sub-advisor is London, UK-based Ecofin Advisors Ltd., a specialist in sustainable investments with roots in the 1990s.

“At Ecofin, we believe sustainable investments can deliver strong risk-adjusted returns while making the right impact on the environment and society,” said Matthew Breidert, Senior Portfolio Manager, Ecofin.

“Our investment processes and strategy give us the ability to truly measure the positive impact such companies can have on global energy consumers,” said Michelle Sznager, Portfolio Manager and Director, Ecofin. “It helps build the bridge between finance and sustainability.”

The fund can potentially benefit investors by providing alpha potential through exposure to innovative companies in the multibillion-dollar clean energy/energy infrastructure market. It invests in companies that are actively and clearly reducing CO2 emissions, as shown by both proprietary and third-party analysis. Enterprises whose principal activity is the exploitation and production of fossil fuels or the ownership of fossil-fuel reserves are excluded from this fund.

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