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What is the secret behind the success of Tong McChlery & Associates?

“I am blessed to have a very diverse team. There is diversity in experience, background, and the way we look at finance. But we all have a common goal in educating our clients and believe that financial The service industry is very product-sales oriented and our team really strives to get people out of that mold, and use and understand what they can do, not just rely on financial products to move forward. “

“Tax planning is usually something that people think their accountant or tax preparer is automatically doing for them when they file their tax return each year. While it may happen, they do some Recommend … Most clients usually do not understand that half of their assets are destroyed by taxes, which is the biggest expense they have,” he said.

When asked how his tax expertise helps clients, Tong said, “For us not to make that an integral part of your plan will hurt clients, so it’s a great way for clients to build wealth.” Provides effective way, without any cost. Money to tax man and use it for other purposes.”

On how tax and estate planning fits into his team’s overall planning picture, he said, “It’s an integral part of our process, so many clients aren’t used to asking for tax returns. Our goal is to educate them about those things.” Have to do what we do today that can help reduce their tax burden, keep money in their pocket…. More importantly show them the impact that if ever apart their lives with them -Something happens at different points.”

“Most customers are not aware of how much property or their assets will be wiped out by unnecessary taxes,” he said. “They can easily ease that burden by using simple steps and always keeping a part of their mind about what’s happening down the road.”

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