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Aviso Wealth partners with global technical services provider

Bill Packham, President and CEO of Aviso Wealth, said, “Aviso Wealth is excited to partner with CGI to provide value to the advisors and investors who are part of our collaborative network of hundreds of financial institutions from coast to coast.

Packham said, “CGI provides the right combination of technology and wealth expertise to continuously enhance the capabilities of our partners and their advisors and help fulfill our goal of providing a better wealth management experience for all Canadians. “

“Canada’s wealth management ecosystem is undergoing unprecedented changes, as investor expectations and the nature of digital interactions change,” said Jamie Holland, senior vice president at Canada Industry Solutions CGI.

“This is a classic example of two great Canadian organizations working together to support Canadian investors with better advice for the future.”

As one of the leading global IT and business consulting services firms, CGI works with over 500 financial institutions worldwide, helping them implement a wide range of digital IT and business strategies, services and solutions. Is.

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