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Index outperforms Russian stocks as institutions say it is “uninvestable”

FTSE Russell said on Wednesday that its governing board has decided to remove all Russian stocks listed on the Moscow Exchange (MoEX) from its equity index from the March 7 open.

From that date, Russia would be classified as an ‘unclassified’ market within the FTSE Equity Country Classification Scheme and would be an FTSE Russia Declassified Index, a standalone country index using local exchange prices, which would provide investors with a range of Russian Will assist in benchmarking performance of the stocks.

The decision follows the suspension of MOEX and restrictions imposed by international authorities on non-resident investors. FTSE Russell says that once these conditions change, there will be no automatic inclusion, a valuation, for MOEX-listed stocks on its index.

“We can’t sell our Russian shares,” said Russell Chessler, head of investment and capital markets at VanEck Associates Corp., fund manager. told Bloomberg in Sydney. “Even last week our broker would not sell them when the markets were open, and that would make things worse for investors.”


Meanwhile, MSCI has also announced that the MSCI Russia Index will be reclassified from Emerging Markets to Standalone Markets status.

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