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New equity fund offers all-weather protection

The first two, a behavioral strategy and a trait asset strategy, are designed to minimize losses during a down-market. They complement a strategic equity strategy, which aims to boost profits during normal markets.

The strategies are implemented through the use of eight well-known ETFs.

Banking crises, political turmoil, lack of energy or food, catastrophic pandemics and terrorist attacks have jolted the external market in the past. Cyber ​​attacks on infrastructure such as hospitals and power grids pose a new potential threat.

Investors are aware of these dangers and are concerned about how their portfolios will perform in times of financial and personal hardship.

If the relationship between asset classes escalates, as they often do, it is a mistake to rely solely on diversification for security. TERP promises to be an option that comes with low to moderate risk, is priced daily, and has a 0.85 percent management fee.

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