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What’s on Businesses’ Pre-Federal Budget Wish Lists?

With 37% strongly agreeing, 82% say their industry is headed for a major change and investing in emerging/disruptive technology will require government support.

However, according to Dino Infanti, national leader of enterprise tax for KPMG in Canada, while business leaders appreciate targeted government aid programs, they are concerned about how governments will fund them and the potential tax consequences of the increased spending.

“The findings of our survey show that most business leaders are concerned that higher taxes will

They want a financially sound approach from this budget that includes highly targeted relief programs, prudent stimulus spending and a modern tax policy that will boost Canada’s growth potential. Will promote Finding the right balance in these three areas will help improve business confidence and accelerate the transition to a green, digital economy.”

The survey found that 91% are concerned that the government will raise taxes on businesses to reduce the deficit and national debt, with 60% agreeing strongly.

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