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Timesheet Calculator: Excel vs. Automated Software

Benefits of automated time-tracking software

Time-tracking has proven to be the hardest to get right, yet the easiest tool for productivity measurement. It comes with at least four notable benefits for both employee and employer alike. These are the four benefits:

1. Keeping accurate records of billable time

Because the software you employ automates this process for you, the most obvious and popular advantages are that it is free of human-error risk and highly accurate. This results in fewer billing and invoicing errors, as well as more detailed productivity reports.

2. An Accountability Boost

There’s no greater incentive to manage time and avoid distraction than knowing your manager has easy access to review your billable time. Time-tracking software has been proven to improve workplace accountability and transparency around competence and capabilities.

3. Analysis of Financial Results

A direct result of tracking billable hours is data-based insight into expenses and the ability to analyze work being done to achieve financial goals.

4. No Interruptions

Accurate manual time-tracking is not only time consuming but also requires complete dedication and focus, which is why it proves to be unreliable. Automatic time-tracking, however, is a no-frills, no-fuss process that can run silently in the background of the tasks at hand. This means it’s not disruptive, allowing employees to keep their focus on what’s really important – their job.

Disadvantages of Automatic Time-Tracking Software

Like everything, there are some cons to employing automated time-tracking tools. These downsides include:

  • it includes fees
  • micro-management has risks
  • This can affect employee turnover and absenteeism.

Overall, automatic tracking and its benefits far exceed the features and effort involved in manual or traditional time-keeping systems such as Excel.

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