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What is Biometric Attendance System?

Types of Biometric Attendance System

Due to the nature of biometric attendance systems, they can be built around any number of human characteristics. The most common of which include:

1. DNA – Analysis of segments of individual DNA

2. Ear – Identification by ear shape

3. Eye – Using the characteristics of the iris, or the pattern of veins and retina, to identify a person

4. face – Analyzing facial features or patterns to authenticate or identify a person

5. fingerprint – Identifying a person using the small ridges and valleys of a person’s finger

6. finger geometry – Analyzing finger 3D geometry to determine a person’s identity

7. hand geometry – Analyzing geometric characteristics of the hand, including finger length and hand width

8. odor recognition – Using a person’s natural scent to identify it

9. sound – Identifying, verifying and authenticating speakers based on their voice

10. signature identification – Using a person’s signature and handwriting style to prove their identity

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