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Even before COVID-19 hit, Kim was taking a pension-style approach to portfolio management, which included both public and private investments. That, he says, provided a valuable layer of defense by creating a diversified portfolio with minimal correlation to the public markets, which were violently shaken during the start of the pandemic.

And while he acknowledges that the phrase ‘holistic planning’ has become a cliché, Kim says that Summit’s multi-family-style approach means that the practice is able to tailor a variety of disciplines to meet the myriad needs of clients. can bring together. Whether it’s helping them achieve a successful retirement or protecting their assets, Kim and her team facilitate relationships with tax professionals, estate planners, and other experts in a variety of areas of expertise.

“I feel that if I put myself in the customer’s place, I will need a lot of trust and confidence to entrust my financial future to someone else,” he says. “We do not take it lightly. I think it is a great privilege to be in that position to serve him.”

Many financial services businesses may have been stuck on a technological backfoot at the start of the pandemic, leaving them unprepared for today’s reality. But during the years of preparation, Kim says that Summit was well placed to adapt to digitizing client files, remote client onboarding, videoconferencing, and more.

“Over the past two years, we have seen tremendous success expanding our business and growing our national presence,” he says. “Due to digital marketing, we are no longer confined to geography. I think each practice has $1 billion as AUM [target], We have a very long runway of time ahead of us, so I think we can reach that sometime in the future.

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