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Mackenzie and Ivey School for Business Launches Unique Women’s Internship Program

The Foundation has established the Mackenzie Together Futures Initiatives to invest in female students and inspire them to be part of the financial services industry. The initiative is now partnering with Ivey Business School in London, Ontario to launch a new, first of its kind program in Canada, the Women in Asset Management Program.

“This program really aims to address the issue of under-representation of individuals who self-identify as women in property management,” Marx said. “So, the goal is quite simple: it really is to increase the number of women in the Canadian asset management industry.”

Applications for the program are now closed. It will launch this May and will allow second and third year students in other subjects at the University of Western Ontario to participate in an education program for one month. It is being funded entirely by corporate sponsors such as Mackenzie. Students can then become part of a paid industry summer internship program to encourage them to consider careers in the field. Marks mentioned that he has committed to continuing to increase the number of internships available with the school in the asset management industry.

Mackenzie’s foundation has also committed to giving $500,000 over the next five years to Canadian charities that provide financial education and awareness for low-income women and their children.

“We want to support that aspect of their lives where they may not have the knowledge and skills they need to manage their financial objectives,” Marks said. “So, the most charities we want to support are those that can support women’s financial education.

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