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Tech CEO says the lines between work and life are becoming too fuzzy

“It’s a nice Band-Aid, but the best way to do this is to really communicate the importance of setting and maintaining barriers for yourself by giving employees more agency in terms of allocating those hours per week. “

Forcing employees to complete the same work that was completed with five days and shoehorns in four days is not the right way to make this big change.

“Most companies that are implementing this new strategy are still asking their employees to work the same hours but fewer days, which to me is the perfect recipe for burnout,” Gunn says.


For this type of change to be successful, “it starts at the top,” Gunn says.

“If you still have a CEO, COO, C-level who is lionizing the burnout culture and bragging about how many hours they put in, you’re not going to be able to create a culture that authentically where people feel safe doing so. And so the most important thing is to walk.”

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