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RIA Edge Podcast: Beacon Point’s Matt Cooper

Sponsored by Schwab Advisory Services

From a small firm in 2011 to a national RIA with 36 offices in 2020, Beacon Point has experienced tremendous growth within the industry in a short span of time.

Beacon Point’s M&A strategy has played a large role in its growth and they have grown into one of the leading, most active and most strategic acquirers in the industry.

In this episode, Mark Bruno, Managing Director, Informa Wealth Management, speaks with Matthew Cooper, Founding Partner, President, Beacon Point Advisors to discuss the firm’s growth strategy and best practices for buying and selling businesses.

Mark and Matt discuss:

  • How the challenges of small RIAs, the competition for talent, and the evolution of technology influenced Beacon Point’s M&A strategy
  • Outline of an ideal acquisition for Beacon Point
  • What are the primary motivators for RIAs looking to exit their market?
  • What happens “after closure” brings firms together under beacon points. More specifically, how Beacon Point approaches operational and cultural integration to create new growth and value.

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