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10 characteristics of the most successful teams

Like a sports team, it is not enough to have the strongest, most talented and dedicated players on the field. The best teams have effective leaders on top of cohesive groups with complementary talents that move toward a common goal: to win.

But it takes a lot of steps to try and stay on top of your game.

And much of what we’ve seen in guiding many of the industry’s elite teams through their successful transitions is very much true.

Namely, there are shared behaviors between top-performing mentoring teams that make them stand out from others in the field.

And these are behaviors any team at any level can adopt—whether they work as employees at a large brokerage firm or are independent business owners, sole practitioners, or part of a conglomerate group.

In this episode, Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond explore the 10 most common practices of top teams, including:

  • The real value of strategic plans.
  • Management of non-core tasks.
  • Investing the time to “turn on” the business.
  • Establishing a “growth mindset” among the team.
  • Critical thinking around the status quo.
  • The role of customer advocacy.
  • even more.

There’s no doubt that one of the show’s most talked-about themes centers around growth and success—and this episode follows suit by sharing real-world observations and actionable advice, no matter where you practice.

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