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Canadian gas prices near $2 are driving interest in EVs

With delivery times for vehicles affected by supply chain issues, EV converters may have to wait longer – perhaps a year – but 47% said they would buy one “immediately”, even if they had to be patient.

One in five of those planning to buy an EV are convinced by high gas prices and 51% said they would never buy a gas-powered car again. That share jumps to 63% in BC, which has seen some of the highest gas prices in this recent surge.

reduce gas

Nearly half of the 1,005 Canadians said they would definitely go to electricity because they do not think “gas prices will return to normal, especially as economies transition from oil and gas.”

While it may take some time for Canadians to drive an electric vehicle, cost-cutting is an immediate challenge.

For the same reason, 66% of the respondents are looking at their driving habits, such as driving at 90 kmph, to save gas.

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