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Celebrity Estates: David Bowie’s Music Catalog

Nicknamed the “Greatest Rock Star Ever” after his death, David Bowie is a singer, songwriter and actor who left his mark on the world with a net worth of $100 million dollars at the time of his death.

Recently, his music catalog reportedly sold for $250 million, which was more than his initial wealth value.

In this episode, David Lenoch joins Stacey Jacobsen, director of wealth strategy group at Bernstein Private Wealth Management, who dives into the complexity of a musical inventory as an asset for both seller and buyer, as well as the planning required beforehand. with details of. and after the transaction.

Stacy discusses:

  • Distinguish between a composer’s catalog and his other traditional assets;
  • the impact of the interest rate environment on unique investments;
  • why music catalogs are traditionally sold as a single unit on individual songs; And
  • How artists plan to sell their music catalogs after they are gone.

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