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Forstrong Acquires Shaunassee Investment Counselor

Forstrong Global Asset Management has announced the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding shares of the Shawneessee Investment Council (SIC).

The deal aims to build on Forstrong’s reputation as a leading independent global macro asset manager. Founded in 2001, the firm actively manages global investment portfolios for some of Canada’s largest financial institutions and individual investors by capitalizing on macroeconomic, geopolitical and world trends.

Tyler Mordy, CEO and CIO, said in a press release that SIC has a strong alignment with Forstrong’s investment philosophy, corporate culture and vision. He said in a press release, “The combination of the two firms increases the depth of our investment management team, provides additional scale and resources to build on the firm’s operational structure, and ultimately, broadens and expands our customer service offering.” enhances.”

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