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Pros and cons of combining vacation time with work

The most common duration for a job was one to two weeks (36 percent), followed by three to four weeks (32 percent), more than a month (13 percent), less than a month (10 percent) and two months or more. more (nine per hundred).

According to another survey many people are feeling deprived of leave.

But when asked why workers schedule workdays, the reasons were different:

  • Recharge the battery, both mentally and emotionally (67 percent)
  • Avoid the idea of ​​being confined to one place (62 percent)
  • Discover a new place without burning up vacation time (60 percent)
  • Avoid the hard work of day-to-day work and switch scenes (57 percent)
  • Meet new friends, business contacts or even new lovers (42 percent)
  • Prevent or cope with burnout (18 percent)

While workplaces are no panacea, there are some reasons why they can be valuable to workers, especially during today’s turbulent times.

“For one, they let [you] Change your environment. This in itself can make you more productive and help you with unconventional motto solutions to problems you are stuck on. On top of this, workplaces often allow employees to disconnect, unwind, and breathe fresh air after the workday, which is important when dealing with physical or mental exhaustion,” says Max Woolf, author of Huh.

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