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Thinking Capital Embraces Expanded Mission with Rebrand

While small businesses have faced extreme adversity in recent months, a recent small business survey conducted by the Angus Reed Forum found that 37% of business owners expect their financial situation to improve in the next six months, While 47% expect their stable.

The survey also found that 40% of small business owners have recently had to rely on some form of credit, and one in eight small or micro businesses are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies, but not sure. Don’t know how to take advantage of it.

To address the growing market of small businesses wanting to engage with crypto, Driven has announced a limited time promotion allowing small business owners to earn crypto rewards. The hype will draw on Aim Unlimited’s world-leading potential in crypto innovation and asset management to develop a safe and secure way for small businesses to gain their initial exposure to crypto.

Recently, Driven also developed a data-science driven solution to help small and medium-sized businesses address cash-flow management challenges, forecast their capital needs, and identify cash flow gaps. In addition, the firm is offering a small business loan solution to provide SMBs with access to credit in as little as 24 hours.

‚ÄúDuring the pandemic, we have seen challenges [small businesses have] faced with the likes of which they could never have anticipated or planned,” Marceau said. “With the right resources and partners in their corner, they can achieve almost anything,”

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