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‘We place importance in finding the right people… who see the world their way’

Hauser, in Winnipeg, is the co-founder and current president of Wellington-Altus. Once regulatory approval of the changes, he will become CEO, while Jordi Chilcott in Toronto will retain his position as Executive Vice President of Wealth Strategy and Enablement at Wellington-Altus Financial Inc., and will also become President of Wellington-Altus Pvt. . Money and Wellington-Altus Insurance

Chilcott will oversee the day-to-day operations of the company’s rapidly growing IIROC business, while Hauser will focus on growing Wellington-Altus’ business. He will continue to recruit advisory teams to the IIROC business, but will also focus on strategic acquisitions and strategic implementation.

“We have a three-year strategic investment window, where we’re investing in people, infrastructure and technology, so that when we come out the other end, sometime in fiscal ’23, we have an offer for investment. One heck of a mentor,” Hauser said. “We are very excited about it, but it requires a lot of duty and care.

“Jordi and I don’t think it’s going to change much from day to day, but we think the effects will start to be felt very quickly.”

Chilcott is pleased to continue to focus and grow rapidly on strategy and efficiencies for Wellington-Altus’ IIROC platform, which is the largest segment of the company’s business.

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