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Which countries top in terms of private wealth?

The Henley & Partners report, based on data from New World Wealth, shows that the US saw a 10% increase in the HNWI population, followed by China at 4% and Japan at 3%.

However, China is set to accelerate in this regard, with a 50% increase in HNWI compared to 20% in the US, according to the report’s 10-year outlook. Japan will post a 30% gain.

India, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, France and finally Italy round out the list of 10 wealthiest countries in the world on the basis of total wealth (W10).

investment migration

All these countries share a key component, says Dominic Volek, Head of Private Clients Group at Henley & Partners.

β€œIt is no coincidence that each of the W10 countries has laws granting residency rights to foreign investors – and hosts five formal investment migration programmes,” he said. “These countries are important investment migration markets in terms of both supply, thanks to their attractive and successful programs, and demand due to their significant and growing population of affluent investors.”

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