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$275 million Calif. Join Raymond James from Advisor Edward Jones

Raymond James, a California-based financial advisor who manages about $275 million in client assets, is joining Raymond James, the firm has announced, adding a number of additions totaling about $1 billion over the past several weeks.

Amy Wasser will be joined by Edward Jones with Raymond James, and she is accompanied by client relationship managers Melinda Fairweather and Laura Kurtzer. Vassar Wealth Management The Bay Area city will be based out of Pleasant Hill, Calif., and Vassar’s past clients include business owners, families, women, and investors and clients who have suddenly amassed considerable wealth.

Vassar’s career at Edward Jones began in 1999, according to his advisorinfo profile, and she worked as a financial advisor and held several regional leadership and coaching roles during her tenure. Wasser said she was looking forward to her “next chapter” in the industry.

“This new endeavor allows me to provide clients with some of the industry’s most comprehensive resources, truly customized strategies, and a high level of service,” she said.

Vassar’s move to Raymond James was the firm’s second announced addition this week. On Tuesday, the company disclosed that Naples, Fla.-Based Consultant Pair John Patat and Joel Gravina join Raymond James from Morgan Stanley. The two advisors, who collectively manage about $175 million in client assets, will form Raymond James’s Focus Wealth Management, as well as Client Services Associates Stephen McLaughlin and Morgan Fatlos.

“During this transition, we see for the first time the importance of assistant consultants to Raymond James and the positive impact they can have on the customer experience,” Gravina said.

According to Raymond James, Pattt began his 25-year career in the industry as an assistant trader at Prudential Securities in New York City, before joining Wells Fargo as an advisor in 2003 and later moving to Morgan Stanley in 2012. did. Gravina has more than 10 years of experience in the industry starting at Wells Fargo as a Financial Advisor. Like Patt, he later transferred to Morgan Stanley, making his move in 2015.

Last week, Raymond James announced the trio with a combined net worth of crores in assets. like a vassal, Houston, Texas-based consultant Lance Murphy Edwards also moved from Jones to Raymond James, where he managed $207 million in assets, serving a range of high-net-worth individuals, families and business owners. He spent 26 years in the industry, starting with AIM Funds before taking on management positions at Van Compen Funds and Hines Real Estate Investments, as well as serving as Managing Director with Invesco, where he pioneered retail alternative investment strategies. developed.

Additionally, a Houston-based couple with a net worth of approximately $350 million also joined Raymond James. Brandon Glasscock and Mandy Haskell Left Wells Fargo to join the Wealth Partners Alliance, a collection of independent advisors affiliated with Raymond James. Glasscock began his career in the industry as a financial advisor at Ameritas in 2000, later working for Capital One before joining Wells Fargo in 2007. Haskell has been in the industry for more than 15 years, before Commonwealth, Advisors Asset Management and Invesco joined Wells Fargo in 2018.

Meanwhile, in Tucson, Ariz., another advisor to Edward Jones stepped in with Raymond James. Stuart Cybetta Joins Crux Wealth Advisors, another partnership of independent consultants affiliated with Raymond James. Cybeta previously managed assets of approximately $118 million; In addition to Edward Jones, Cybeta worked at Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo. He will now run the Tucson office for Cruise Wealth Advisors.

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