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For Michelle Hastick-Cowell, it’s about making a difference

He discussed the various reasons why he and his firm have left their support behind.

“One of the initiatives we have worked on is Shades of Hope which helps wildlife animals 365 days a year,” she said. “They are certainly the heart of everything we’ve worked on… People forget animals and what should be… People rarely think of scoundrels. People rarely raccoons think about. That’s it [advocacy that’s] Very dear to our heart. ,

“There’s another street outreach that’s in the York area and it helps a lot of homeless people walk the streets,” Hastick-Cowell said.

On the importance for mentors to give back to their community, he replied, “We have an obligation to give back and help those in need. We are in a position where we have the balance of what we want in our society.” can make.

“I look at our team and it’s on our DNA. It’s something we should be doing,” she said. “We literally spend 60% of our time talking about our community, those charities. Let’s talk about what we are actively involved in. We’re not just writing checks; We are actively involved.”

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