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How have Canada’s gender-equity funds fared?

For the period ending December 31, 2021, the Desjardins SocieTerra Diversity Fund demonstrated a three-month performance of 8.67% and a one-year return of 21.15% in CAD. This compared to three-month and one-year returns of 6.68% and 21.76%, respectively, for the BMO Women in Leadership Fund, and 6.5% and 25.1% returns produced by the RBC Vision Women in Leadership MSCI Canada Index ETF.

All three strategies appeared to lag slightly behind the S&P 500 Net Total Return Index. As of December 31, the benchmark posted a three-month return of 10.91% and a one-year return of 28.16%.

The report also offered a look at the fund’s exposure to the financial and technical sectors.

As of December 31, Desjardins’ diversity fund had a financial weight of 9.1%, compared to 25% of BMO’s women in leadership strategy and 33.7% in RBC’s strategy.

Looking at their technology weights, Desjardins’ strategy had 23.1% in technology, while BMO and RBC funds had 22.5% and 10.9%, respectively.

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