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Animal Spirits NXT Drop

Today we spoke to Quinn Stearns of Audiograph about our upcoming launch of Animal Spirits NFT to benefit No Kid Hungry.

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Our NFTs are going on sale next Wednesday, March 30th. Here is the link to the page which explains all the benefits you will get for buying this NFT. As a reminder, Michael and I will not make any money from this. All proceeds will benefit No Kid Hungry. Also you will get more animal spirits and opportunity to do something new in your life.

In today’s show we discuss:

  • what it’s like to start up
  • Risk/Reward Involved in Becoming a Founder
  • Building a Community Around Podcasts
  • coding on the blockchain
  • web 2 vs. web3
  • Animal Spirits Community NFT
  • Features and Benefits of NFTs
  • why are we doing this
  • Where to go for help when buying NFTs

Transcript here:

Listen here:

Animal Spirits NFT:

Community Benefits:

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