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Talk Your Book: Protecting the Downside

Brought to you by Today’s Talk Your Book Innovator ETF

Innovator ETFs: The home of defined results ETFs, which include accelerated ETFs, buffer ETFs, bond ETFs, and stacker ETFs.  FFTY, EPRF, BOUT, LOUP and BUFF.  Built on a foundation of innovation.

Michael and I had co-founder and CEO Bruce Bond to talk about caps and buffers in today’s markets.

In today’s show we discuss:

  • Innovator ETFs in Today’s Market
  • How buffers, ladders and step-ups work and when to use them
  • Understanding the underlying options in the Innovator ETF
  • Innovators Defined Wealth Shield ETF
  • Innovators hedged Tesla ETFs and the difference between buffer and floor
  • Who benefits the most from these products

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