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There is an east-west divide between high-income earners in Canada

It found that not only do Atlantic provinces have higher rates, but they also have lower income tax filers.

Quebec had the highest effective tax rates for couples without children (28%), couples with one child (26.5%) and couples with two children (27%).

Single people pay the highest rate in Prince Edward Island (33.9%), with Quebec a close second (33.7%).

“Canada clearly has an east-west divide, Quebec and Atlantic Canada have the highest income tax rates on high-income people, and the lowest share of high-income tax filers,” said Alex Whelan, policy analyst at Fraser. Institute and co-author of High Tax Rates on Top Earners in Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

low income earners

The report found that among Canada’s 10 provinces, PEI has the lowest percentage of tax filers who earn $100,000 or more in annual income.

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