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Which requirements are less important in today’s job market?

“We are seeing companies in a wide range of industry sectors – including administrative, accounting, financial and even skilled trades,” says Shane DeCoste, owner of Express Franchise in Halifax, Canada. “The focus is on candidates who have the ability to learn the skills.”

According to a survey by Manpower Group, there should be an increase in recruitment for the second quarter.

Companies that have more than 100 employees (41 percent) are more likely to eliminate hiring requirements than those with 10 to 99 employees (26 percent) and fewer than 10 (12 percent).

use training liberally

“Whenever possible, hire for attitude and train for skills,” says Hanif Hemani, owner of Express Franchise in Saskatoon, especially if employers are going to overlook the candidate’s years of experience.

But employers also need to do more. “Yes, we are seeing more businesses provide training to existing employees or new employees to acquire the skills needed for open positions. But it is not just training – companies have a competitive advantage and to attract and retain talent. We are looking at all possible areas to identify ways,” Hemani says.

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