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‘It’s a very dynamic, exciting time,’ says McKenzie’s McInerney

“It’s a very dynamic, exciting time, and it’s constantly changing,” he said. “Five years later, maybe up a third of assets will be in products that don’t exist today. This is how this industry runs, and it moves fast: new ideas, new asset classes, and new vehicles.”

McInerney said that even as the pace of change is accelerating, the industry is more technology- and data-driven than ever before. But, he is still excited to work with advisors to provide them with innovative ideas, innovation and investment products and services to benefit their clients.

“Given the complexity of the world and the speed at which we are moving, it is important for us as asset managers to be able to provide more technology, more data, more services, more research and, of course, our investments. Enables the products to benefit consultants. Build better exposure for their clients,” he said, noting that there has been a shift in his time from providing products to providing insights and solutions.

The biggest challenge is keeping up with the pace of change, but the most professionally rewarding – when they do it right. “Sometimes we get it wrong, and that’s okay,” he said. “You have to step back and regroup, and learn from your mistakes.

“You don’t have to be the first. Sometimes it’s good not to be the first, but you have to realize where the puck is going and try to anticipate it.”

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