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What is the impact of Russia’s invasion on the Clean Energy Fund?

“So, I think yes, in the short term, things are happening that create a little bit of volatility,” he said. “But, in the bigger picture, this is a secular development trend and that is not going to change.”

The Harvest Clean Energy ETF, launched in January 2021, includes the 40 largest market cap clean energy companies in the world. It focuses on renewable energy generation companies and equipment and service companies that supply and service that industry.

It was launched during the COVID vaccine rollout when there were concerns about supply chain issues, interest rate hikes and inflation, and the US Democratic Party failed to get clean energy incentives in its Build Back Better plan, so they said That was a market shift from growth to company valuation. But, noting that the cost of renewable energy, especially solar and wind, is coming down as infrastructure is built up, he said, “there’s a huge opportunity, even if you see the new coming online today.” View projects”.

Although there are some competing products, Dragosights said they do not offer the same direct performance as this clean energy theme. The funds are providing a way for investors to participate in these two growth areas of renewable energy generation companies and the equipment and service companies that supply and service them.

“There’s a huge amount of development out there,” Dragositz said. “We think the cost profile for many of these renewable projects is very attractive, and will only become more attractive as infrastructure continues to be built.”

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