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Canadians see investment value in homes despite concerns

“The extraordinary housing activity over the past two years has caused a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety among many Canadian home buyers, sellers and those wishing to enter the market,” commented Christopher Alexander, President of RE/MAX Canada.

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The report, Unlocking the Future: A 5 Year Outlook, aims to ease some of the fears of homebuyers and homebuyers by modeling some scenarios for the trajectory of the Canadian housing market.

Drawing on the experience of CIBC Deputy Chief Economist Benjamin Tal, and Tax and Estate Planning Managing Director Jamie Golombek; as well as the Conference Board of Canada; This report is designed to help Canadians take a longer-term view of their investments.

Key benefits include the expectation that interest rates rising four times per year will create a stable and more relaxed housing market over the next five years.

The market disruption by removing the exemption on capital gains for prime housing could have a greater impact on foreign home buyers than the often quoted tax and other measures used in recent years to calm the market.

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