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CapIntel helps Gryphin take its toll with new partnership

“We were introduced to the platform by some of our advisors who were looking at the platform,” he said in an email to Wealth Professional. “We formed a pilot advisory group very quickly, and their response was overwhelmingly positive.”

The platform solved a long-standing challenge for one of the MGA’s top advisory teams. By then, they were looking for a tool to handle analysis on the entire book of their business – individual funds, mutual funds, individual funds and portfolios. With CapIntel’s solution, they were able to quickly and efficiently analyze short, mid and long term performance across that entire spectrum of investment products.

Another mentor, McMillan says, was also able to fill a gap in his practice. With the ability of clients to put together model portfolios based on their risk tolerance as well as continue monitoring them, he said the platform has made it much easier for them to meet commitments.

“The flexibility and versatility of the platform make it very suitable,” McMillan says. “Each consultant within Griffin runs a unique practice. We are not a one-size-fits-all organization and the ability for the independent consultant to customize proposals was critical.”

James Rockwood (pictured above, right), founder and CEO of CapIntel, Griffon is the second MGA he has worked with. While MGAs have traditionally been independent advocates that let consultants apply the technology stack to their own practices, Rockwood says this has changed.

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