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How much did people betting pay for kevin gopal

After that switch, he helped manage a $6 billion internal fund, and learned about portfolio management, trading, liquidity, and risk management. Five years later, he moved on and became an index arbitrage trader at Scotia Capital, where the laser focus on client satisfaction added a service mindset to his professional toolbox.

Later, Gopal became a lead portfolio manager at Barclay’s Global Investors, one of the largest independent asset managers in the world at the time. There he learned about ETFs and the potential for growing business through innovation, quantitative investing, and rigorous stress testing.

Today at BMO, Gopal is able to pay for his success by being willing to put his trust in people, which he says allows him to recruit the best talent for the team. The resulting culture they create is a special point of pride as it has been instrumental in helping the team stay together over the years.

“This has been my focus from day one, and has resulted in essentially zero voluntary turnover,” he said.

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