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Understanding the True Drivers of RIA Growth

The growth and impact of the registered investment advisory channel has transformed the wealth management industry in recent years – and all indications are that RIAs will continue to grow at an accelerated rate and have an even more significant impact on the financial services landscape.

While most RIAs have enjoyed nearly a decade of steady growth in assets, fueled by prolonged bull markets, a highly focused group of firms strategically grew at a rate that was faster than their peers. What is their superior performance and success – and will continue to be?

The first ever RIA Age Study has all the answers.

This webinar will offer a first-ever live look at key findings from the 2022 RIA Age Study, which examined the growth rates of hundreds of RIA firms, as well as their expectations for the future. In particular, this webinar will focus on:

  • RIA Growth: Historical RIA Growth Rates, as well as 2022 Development Goals and Targets
  • M&A: How strategic RIAs are using a range of M&A strategies to ignite growth
  • Organic Growth: How the Fastest Growing RIAs Are Investing in Marketing, Business Growth and New Customer Acquisition
  • Human Capital: How the industry’s top RIAs are structuring their organizations to improve their productivity – and how they are acquiring new talent to drive future growth.

All registrants will receive a free copy of the 2022 RIA Age Study.

CFP, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, RMA®, and AEP® CE credits have been applied for and are pending approval.

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