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[Upcoming Webinar] Unlocking Twitter Data for Corporate Communications

Over the years, the world of corporate communications has changed.

Several factors, such as geopolitical challenges, social justice issues, COVID-19 and stakeholder activism, are changing the nature of how brands talk to their customers and employees. sSocial media has become an essential channel to enhance and protect your brand image and reputation. It presents new challenges and new opportunities for communication professionals. In this new normal, one thing is certain: Unlocking the power of Twitter data is essential to creating and executing a successful corporate communications strategy.

In this upcoming fireside chat featuring Twitter’s Eric Martin, Senior Manager, Strategic Development and Partnershipsand Nutanix’s Konrado Palubicki, Senior Manager of Social Media, we discuss how important it is to leverage social data to connect with your customers, employees, and society.

You will learn about:

  • Changing Sectors of Corporate Communications
  • How social listening is important to protect and enhance brand image
  • How companies use social media for employee engagement
  • How Sprout’s Listening Tool Can Help You Build a Powerful Corporate Communications Strategy


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