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An active commitment to diversity and mentorship

“He taught me that it’s only when you bring your whole self into your career that you can be the best you can be,” Legister says. “If you bring an authentic and diverse group of people into an environment, you can help it flourish and grow. He was a fitting example of that.”

Today, Legister recognizes how fortunate he was to have faced his mentors, how they provided important lessons and protection, and how much of an impact mentorship had on his career. The experience has led him to think about the importance of providing equitable mentorship to others from diverse backgrounds who wish to enter the industry, whether they are out of school or professionals who wish to transition from other fields.

One goal that Legister has set for itself is to provide guidance to fresh graduates who wish to enter the wealth management industry. He connects with a variety of people who come to him through coffee and personal meetings, through family or friends. While he has continued his efforts through Zoom, he still prefers to interact in person.

“Every year, two or three people may migrate, as they achieve success. But I’m always checking in with them again,” says Legister. “I’m a big believer in one-on-one advice and guidance, and I can only give it to a few people at a time because each person brings their own unique needs and circumstances.”

Legister is also among the fifty-one people behind the Black Opportunity Fund. A long-term endowment backed by banks and other financial institutions, it was established in 2020 with the aim of supporting black-owned businesses and nonprofits. Legister expects the organization to be the place to find role models and mentors for graduates as they seek to enter a diverse range of industries, including finance, technology and hospitality.

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