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Behind the seamless partnership of FutureVault and d1g1t

Having all those point systems within a firm’s technical ecosystem, which are mostly provided by different vendors, money professionals face a tradeoff: they need to find the most optimal for a particular activity or aspect of their service. Solutions can be found, but going back and forth between subsystems can take a toll on their productivity.

“For consultants to really take advantage of the benefits of best-in-class subsystems, they need to be seamlessly integrated,” Kenny says. “If done properly, this wealth enables the professional to optimize every keystroke, mouse click and pixel on the desktop.”

That is the problem that FutureVault aims to help solve through a new partnership with enterprise wealth management platform d1g1t. Powered by institutional-grade analytics and risk management tools, d1g1t provides an integrated solution that covers the entire advisor lifecycle.

Under the new agreement, d1g1t’s portfolio management, trading, reporting, risk and analysis tools will be combined with FutureVault’s document retention, compliance, workflow and file-sharing capabilities. With that combination, firms and advisors using the platform can better meet their various administrative and compliance responsibilities, as well as provide a service experience that complements clients’ needs through d1g1t’s investor-oriented mobile app. match the expectations.

“It was easy to see that each of our platforms offering wealth advisors has a distinct advantage, and an integration will allow existing clients to simplify their decision making,” Kenny says. “For property firms undergoing transformation strategy, our partnership allows them to more quickly deploy world-class technology across their enterprises.”

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