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Canadians reveal pre-federal budget priorities

The top three objectives for both men and women are the same for all Canadians: assistance with basic necessities spending, lower taxes, and investment in health care. However, as with secondary concerns, the strength of opinion on these matters fluctuates.

Men are more likely to say that spending cuts should be a major priority for the 2022 budget, while women are more likely to say that housing, health care and basic needs should be addressed in the federal budget:

  • Reducing losses (25% of men vs. 15% of women)
  • Reducing the size of the government’s budget (25% men vs 18% women)
  • Help with rising costs of everyday necessities as a result of inflation (58% of women vs. 48% of men)
  • Increase in health care spending (43% of women vs. 36% of men)
  • Cooling measures for the housing market (27% of women vs. 15% of men)

Looking at federal budget priorities across generations, boomer respondents were more likely to emphasize investment in health care (54% versus 38% for Gen X, 32% for Millennials, and 24% for Gen Z), overall. Reduction in government spending (28% vs. 21% for Gen X, 17% for Millennials, and 12% for Gen Z), and reducing deficit (27% of Boomers vs. 17% of Gen X, 18% of Millennials, 12% Gen Z).

Boomers, the generation most likely to own their own home, were the least likely to prioritize measures to cool the housing market (13%).

In contrast, 22% of Gen Xers, 28% of Millennials and 30% of Gen Zers said they want the finance minister to announce steps aimed at containing the housing market heat.

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