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Celebrity Estates: Michael Nesmith, The Monkees and the Holographic Wills

Michael Nesmith, songwriter, actor, producer, novelist and member of the popular group The Monkees, passed away in December 2021. His will stated that he wanted to donate his entire estate to his mother’s foundation—however, there was a complication to the validity of the document. , Nesmith’s will was written by hand.

In this episode, David Lennox joins Megan Gorman, founding partner at Checkers Financial Management, to discuss the legality surrounding holographic wills and handwritten documents.

David and Megan discuss:

  • why a handwritten will can be problematic or complicated in the legal process;
  • What is often omitted from a holographic will;
  • the role of estate planning for your beneficiaries;
  • even more

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Celebrity Estates: Wills of the Rich and Famous is available on the Podcast Apple Podcasts, Android, sewing machine And wherever podcasts are found.

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