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Does it matter if employees take time off from the workforce?

“As a recruiter, they need to consider that this is the reality of today and we need to respect it. With the COVID situation, we have seen more people take some breaks to take care of their families who were a bit more at risk, and for some people too, mentally speaking, it has been quite tough. That’s something we should definitely consider.”

Today, more employees are looking for different opportunities, so this behavior shouldn’t last too much, he says.

“Most people don’t stay in the same job for the rest of their lives, 35 or 40, so we’ve put more steps into their careers, which is really healthy. And as employers, they should be open to that because I’ve always been very interested in people [and the] The kind of skills they can bring to our company in their background that can make us even better. ,

overcome the stigma

However, 57 percent of Canadians believe there is a stigma attached to a career break, and 53 percent believe that having a career break on your resume makes you a less attractive job candidate, according to LinkedIn. found in the survey.

“It’s still happening… [but] If some employers are still considering it as a major challenge to hire someone because they have taken a break, it may not be the right employer,” Palin says.

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