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Equities led strong Canadian ETF inflows last month

Commodity ETFs, while in demand south of the border, saw an outflow of $47 million in Canada, bringing quarterly total redemptions to $284 million.

Canadian investors were persuaded by the rise in cryptocurrency prices to invest in cryptocurrency ETFs; $401 million inflow, the single largest net inflow in the past four months.

Canadian ESG inflows were $391 million in March, bringing total Q1 inflows to $997 million, continuing the pace for 2021, which saw total inflows of $4 billion for the full year.

new fund

There were 13 new Canadian ETFs in March, with energy, tech, real estate, infrastructure and innovation all featuring.

BMO and Horizons recorded the highest provider inflows in March, but smaller players such as Ninepoint, Guardian Capital, Evermore and Mulvihill saw increases in either dollar or percentage.

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