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Is there a secret to happiness at work?

“Remote workers who are working in a team – which is essentially all of us doing remotely – it’s hard to establish a sense of culture, a sense of team. That’s the third part of it; it’s the most delicate of the three. “

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So, how can these three areas be improved? It all starts with the person.

“We have to shine a light on our strengths and be grateful for what is around us. It is based on the quote ‘There is nothing good or bad, it is thinking that makes it so,’ so when we Let’s talk about the world around us, even in the last few years, it’s nothing but bad news. In the past two weeks, it’s been terrible news about wars, but we We are happy when we focus on the positivity of circumstances and our minds can then become the architects of our reality, and create our own happiness,” Stohr says.

It’s about remembering the concept of silver linings, he says.

“I used to spend three hours a day driving to downtown Toronto in my car, and now I spend zero hours in my car.”

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