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Special Feature: Bringing the Consultant’s Vision to Life

“We needed to see something that makes them special — an aspect or two that we can polish and use to help set them apart and further their message,” he says. “At the end of the day, ‘I invest your money in the stock market,’ even if you think you do it better than someone in the same office to your left and right is not a value proposition.

“Q Wealth enhances portfolio management, and our partners, with the requisite education and experience, can certainly be a part of it within the registrant, but the partners we are attracting add so much value beyond investment. They want to shout this. They want clients to realize that they should expect much more from a portfolio of investments.”

Q Wealth’s marketing capabilities are designed to tell the partner’s story around the client journey. This is an area that Gasparek has always recognized as an opportunity. Despite an extremely modest marketing budget, the music business is quite adept at capturing public attention, while the money space has large marketing dollars but relatively sluggish campaigns. At its heart, Q Wealth Partners, as a partner ownership ring around Quintense Wealth (registered PM firm), not itself as a financial company, but as a technology and support platform for advisors, the overall plan. and brings together wealth management. With portfolio management using modern technologies.

In addition to his team, Gasparek relies on an extensive network of freelancers who have worked on brands such as American Express, GoDaddy, BMW and Samsung. While many financial organizations have marketing teams similar to glorified compliance departments, Q Wealth feels like a true marketing agency: responsive and fast-acting.

“It’s inspiring,” Gasparek says. “There is a real opportunity for consultants to leave their dealer or bank [to partner with Q Wealth] and to significantly outperform these heritage institutions in the private property sector.”

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