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In a world of turmoil, focus on what you can control SEI Canada

He believes that it is important for clients to balance their expectations with reality if there is an urge to invest in growing asset classes such as crypto and NFTs.

“Some clients want to take some exposure to these newly developed asset classes, and we believe that the role of an advisor in that instance is to educate and encourage the “right size” of allocation for more speculative types of investments. This exercise It’s like doing — focus most of your energy on the core — it’s the foundation of everything else.”

Tech or Climate?

For customers taking a long-term view, the technology will continue to evolve while climate change solutions become increasingly attractive to investors.

But, if the SEI Canada executive had to invest in supporting tech or climate change industries, which one would she choose?

“We fundamentally believe in the importance of diversification. For investors, a helpful way to consider sector allocation is to collect the perspectives of the experts and advisors they work with and their inputs to make a final determination. “If they have a strong, goal-based approach, their short- and long-term allocation should effectively reflect that plan.”

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