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It’s time to bulletproof your portfolio in these risky times: PM

Vontobel has no links with Russia, the energy complex or European banks because they are difficult to forecast. The Russian invasion has also shown that they are not as sold as people thought.

“The rise in energy prices, especially natural gas, is going to put a huge strain on consumers in Europe and also on the profitability of European industrial companies, and therefore, there is an additional level of risk that is in the consensus of what is.” could put a dent in European GDP growth is going to be,” Socker said.

“What we consistently do is invest in opportunities that try to stay away from surprises, positives or negatives. So, from our point of view, we haven’t changed much, as the portfolio has to be exactly adapted to these kinds of scenarios. was designed. “

Socker recommended that advisors trying to accumulate wealth over the long term should not speculate in the short term.

“I think, now, more than ever, it’s important to be careful about downside security,” he said. “I think the earnings forecast for the market right now is a pretty soft landing, but there are a lot of variables that can go wrong right now, so the risk is high.

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