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Canada’s selfie generations lead in financial self-assessment

This year, a quarter of Gen Zs (26%) and a fifth (20%) of Millennials contributed to their TFSAs in hopes of achieving early financial independence.

More than half (52%) of Canadians work with an advisor when reevaluating their financial plans and investments because they believe their advisor is there to provide guidance to help them meet their goals. are better equipped; Meanwhile, 28% enjoy customized financial plans created for them by their advisors.

During the pandemic, 18% of Generation Z and 10% of Millennials sought professional financial advice for the first time, while 13% of Gen Z and 10% of Millennials changed their financial goals and plans, such as raising a family do, buy a home, or start a new business.

“While the past two years have brought uncertainty and challenges, many Canadians of all ages were also able to find new opportunities, make new ventures and create new milestones,” said Ms. Ou. “Partnering with a financial professional allows Canadians to create a customized plan to achieve their goals based on their existing resources, potential growth and risk tolerance.”

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