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Inside ETF Podcast: Dimension’s Lisa Dalmer

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Sponsored by Schwab Asset Management

Originally used as institutional trading communities, ETFs have evolved into a preferred investment vehicle, providing access to new asset classes and fund managers; And changing the way many advisors and money managers think about portfolio allocation.

In this episode, Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange Traded Products at the New York Stock Exchange, was joined by Lisa Dalmer, Chief Operating Officer, Dimension Fund Advisors. Lisa shares her thoughts on ETFs through Dimensional’s multicultural approach, revealing the role of technology in the expansion of ETFs as an investment class. She also discusses how Dimensional’s unique services support consultants and grow their businesses throughout practice management.

Douglas and Lisa discuss:

  • Lessons learned through the acquisition and how she plays her leadership role today.
  • How a culture of dimensional attracts new consultants to the business.
  • The future of ETFs, portfolio allocation, and overall investment trends.
  • How advisors can handle market volatility, along with investment material and ideas available from Dimensional on how to engage with leadership.

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