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When can you ask your wealthy friends for business?

6, Identification of key issues

Most people would not describe themselves as an open book. They do not open easily. They may cause a serious, but not life-threatening medical problem. There may be trouble in their marriage. They tell you about it in private. You respect their privacy.

7. Addressing the Issue

It fits into two categories. The problem may or may not be related to your profession. You respect your friend for sharing this intimate aspect of her life. At a previous level, you might have said: “I’m here whenever you want to talk.” Now you see your relationship on a higher level. You say: “I want to try and help you solve this problem.” If it is within your professional expertise as a financial services professional, they can become clients. If it’s a personal matter in the field of lifestyle, you’re helping in other ways.

8, When is the right time to ask for business?

When you start a business it is easier to determine step seven or possibly step six. Why? Because you have identified a problem that needs a solution.

I refer to the time for asking the matter in the fifth step. Why? Because they have carefully decided whether they trust you or not. You passed the exam! They trust you! They haven’t just limited their degree of confidence to your skills as a babysitter! They know what you do. You are a financial advisor. They’ve “tried you” on a garment similar to a garment to determine if they like the fit. Put another way, he asked himself: “Will I (you) be comfortable handling my money?” The answer he himself gave is yes!

You may be a Type A personality, but some of your friends are not. They don’t announce that you passed a secret test, then hand you your account details. However, he made a decision. They are ready to ask.

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