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Canadian property owner ESG . increasing support for

In addition to a joint statement from Canada’s eight largest pension plans calling for increased transparency, Alameda also called for Canadian investors representing $5.5 trillion in assets under management across all five of Canada’s major banks, insurance companies, and foundations. cited a call to increase corporate climate accountability. and others.

In addition, many Canadian plans are actively engaged in issues such as carbon emissions and net-zero targets. Indigenous cohesion in the corporate sector, better corporate governance, diversity and inclusion, and board diversity and inclusion are also gaining more attention, as well as strategically allocating resources to meet both financial and non-financial goals. Huh.

Furthermore, there has been significant and rapid progress around the problems associated with clear, consistent and reliable ESG data, which has been a long-standing challenge. The rapidly changing opinion of investors and the study of ESGs have established their widespread importance. It is transforming not only the way businesses operate, but also how companies identify themselves and their place in the world.

Institutional investors express interest in not only bringing in unstructured data, but combining it from multiple sources and creating their own scores to measure the impact of ESGs, such as the creation of their own benchmarks to influence their financial decisions. We do. This demand will only strengthen the case for stricter environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements, with ESG metrics continuing to move towards standardization.

Both private and public markets are affected. While CIBC requires a lot of effort ahead, it sees significant progress, such as the establishment of an office for the International Sustainability Standards Board in Montreal.

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