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Do you have to work around compliance rules that limit gold in a portfolio?

“Therefore, they should allow the advisor to work hand-in-hand with the client as appropriate given all circumstances, and not set these arbitrary rules that may not apply to a large number of clients because the dealer ultimately chooses to and lose the customer.”

Barisheff said this is especially important now because of supply chain problems and currency depreciation, as well as many other issues. With the risk of another world war looming, he said it is time to hold more gold as it will go up, even during volatile times. The same thing happened in 2000 and 2008.

“When we have the rate of inflation that we’re starting to have, gold goes up in disproportionate amounts,” he said. “We are not in normal times and these types of policies are made for normal times.”

He notes that the core of the client is Know Your Client risk tolerance plus concentration risk, which allows advisors to hold no more than 25% in any single investment, may limit their choices.

“So, you have to think about things,” he said, “and it’s a decision between advisors and their clients about what’s fair rather than fighting these unfair compliance rules.”

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