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How the pandemic has pushed work-life balance into conversation planning

“Earlier, there was a lot of focus on career growth and climbing the corporate ladder, but people have shied away from it a bit. They don’t place as much emphasis on the organization or corporation they’re working for, and they’re more likely to ask ‘What about me?’ It sounds heady, but it really isn’t,” says Smith.

The message in his practice, says Smith, focuses more on helping clients achieve a return on life now, as opposed to a good return on investment or return on later life. With many customers realizing how much they have sacrificed for their jobs or careers, this message is certainly resonating – and technology is helping to move the conversation forward.

“Over the years, technology has really allowed us to more quickly show customers the impact of their choices,” Smith says. “We are helping them look at different scenarios of where they work, where they live, their income, and their ability to save for the future, and we are seeing very rapidly the different impacts of those potential decisions. can.”

Advances in technology have been a game-changer for financial planning practices like Smith’s. With that advanced software, customers can see how switching to remote work can reduce, for example, commuting, missing time with family, and countless other costs that they may incur in their current lives as an employee. I can pick up. Seeing the upside in a clear, concrete way, clients are more comfortable making those life decisions.

Smith says, “It really empowered him to make some of these decisions and have these conversations within his family, and it really allowed us to customize the advice that we are able to give to people.” “

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